How do you Manage to get your Writing Done?

This is a question people who know me sometimes ask, and one that today I would like to ask all those other writers out there.

This has nothing to do with the muse or ideas, but simply getting it all done.  I think I am a good example of a self-published author, I am married with two young children and I work a full time job.  In addition to this I am a freelance writer and currently am studying to become an Accounts Technician through an online course.

My day starts between 5am-6am when one or both of the boys will wake up.  From 6am-7.50am, between my wife and I, we walk the dog, get the kids ready, get breakfast, put on clothes washes, empty the dishwasher etc., and then get ourselves ready for work.  

At 7.50am I drive the two kids to the childminder’s house and leave there about 8.10am for work.

My work day starts at 9am and runs to 5pm.  I collect the kids at about 5.40pm and am normally home around 5.50pm/6pm.

From 6pm-8pm the dog is walked again, children are fed and played with before a bath and bedtime.  8pm-9pm is spent making and eating our dinner, hanging up clothes and getting the next wash ready.  One of us will be constantly going up the stairs to check on the kids or to tell them to pipe down and go to sleep.

At 9pm I start my online lecture.  This will go on until 10.30pm and during this I might make the lunches for the next day, or cook something for the kids if my wife is not doing this.

Up until recently I was then doing freelance writing from 10.30pm-11.15/11.30pm and then trying to get some of my own writing done with what time was left up to Midnight.

As of late however, I have eased off on the freelance writing and I go to bed now at about 10.30pm/11pm and I have started doing my own writing there with a pen and notebook.  I also read in bed (as well as at lunchtime in work) and still turn of the light at about Midnight.

It makes me wonder what I used to do with all my time when I was single or even before we had kids.  My children are very young now (2 & 3 years old) and I imagine things will calm down in the next few years- fingers crossed.

Just a note on the above- on reading this is sounds like my wife does nothing, but I can assure you anything I didn’t mention is what she is doing, plus she works a little later than I do.  It’s a total team effort!

So my question is this, how do you manage to get your writing done?